Are all artists wishing they were making a PRINCEly sum?

As a brief, but interesting sidenote to the Pandora debacle, another artist is shoving aside traditional ways of making money from CDs. In the UK, he just GAVE AWAY the entire CD to a newspaper’s readers… How cool is that?

The New York Times Article examines the highly original and adaptive “Prince”… it’s a really interesting article regardless of what you think about his music. He’s innovating in a way that really gets to fans, and they are shelling out big time… So, read on …The Once and Future Prince – New York Times

I’VE got lots of money!” Prince exults in “The One U Wanna C,” a come-on from his new album, “Planet Earth” (Columbia). There’s no reason to disbelieve him. With a sponsorship deal here and an exclusive show there, worldwide television appearances and music given away, Prince has remade himself as a 21st-century pop star. As recording companies bemoan a crumbling market, Prince is demonstrating that charisma and the willingness to go out and perform are still bankable. He doesn’t have to go multiplatinum — he’s multiplatform.

And for those interested in a review about his new album: Planet Earth. Here is the album on

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