Alexa plugins: how to get all your visitors counted!

With the announcement of the release of Sparky for FF users, I was pleased to see this information now available to users. Of course, it is always good to be one of the earlier posters! John Chow also picked up on this story, too!

Alexa ratings aren’t entirely accurate especially for lower rankings, nor are they regarded as important by too many people. But, for many webmasters, ranking well is a priority for financial reasons. Therefore, one question that was asked before:

How could Alexa record all the traffic to my site? The IE toolbar was insufficient for a long time for most FF users, and wasn’t particularly accurate at recording traffic levels. Even with the new plugin for FF, you will miss a lot of traffic from those who DON’T or can’t install the plugins in their browser.

The easy solution: install one of the ‘widgets’ for your website. There are three flavors that you can choose from:

  • Alexa Traffic Graph – Put an Alexa Traffic History Graph in your site. Enter up to 3 sites in the boxes below. Traffic Graphs are dynamically updated daily.
  • Alexa Site Stats Button – Alexa info about any site can easily be incorporated into your site.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank Button – This simple little widget allows you to place a traffic rank button/widget onto your site.

By scrolling down to the bottom of this you will discover what I have chosen: the simplest choice!

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