About Page

Early Days

Successful Stock Investor came into being in early 2010, and is one of the sites from SiteBuildIt by the founder of the site, Ezra Salken. In late May, the site was purchased by InvestorBlogger author, Kenneth Dickson.

In a few short months, Ezra researched and created over 40 pages of excellent content on many aspects of investing and trading stocks for beginners.

So I was fortuitious to find this site for sale. Ezra and I both shared a background in investing for ourselves, in my case since 1998. And we have learned along the way from the many mistakes, market conditions and investing resources we encountered.

What’s coming up?

In the coming months I will regularly add content on all aspects of stock investing and stock trading for beginners, especially content from InvestorBlogger’s site that is better suited to this environment.

I’m looking to add information and profiles of company stocks, esp. the Dow Jones Industrial Average companies, some S&P500 companies… though in fairness, not even I could do just to all the companies out there, and there are hundreds of thousands around the world.

I’ll look at investing strategies, both long term and short term; resources – websites, books, newsletters, and more; and different investment options that are available to us.

Two Voices: Two Writers

As you read through this site, you will notice that the pages contain two ‘voices’. This is the result of two different authors (Ezra and myself) working on the pages. Don’t let this put you off! I will try to mark my own pages as distinct by adding my signature at the bottom: suffice to say – all pages created from 6/1 will probably be mine!

And so it remains for me to wish Ezra luck in his new ventures, and I’m sure he’ll drop back from time to time. Check out his new site, Scorpio Traits.