Did Google close Adsense accounts to make their numbers for 2012 2Q results? You decide…

I just came across this interesting article from Spencer Haws @ https://www.nichepursuits.com/adsense-whistleblower-my-thoughts-on-the-google-adsense-conspiracy-theory/ It’s always tempting to believe conspiracy theories! They always have a certain amount of ability to explain things… So I was a little skeptical about the Adsense conspiracy theory myself. I ran some back of the envelope calculations… Whoa! Can you correlate? Let’s correlate the data with… Read More »

Find and Manage a Profitable Rental Property to Fund Your Future

If you’re living comfortably and are looking to invest, you’ve probably researched all the best investment opportunities and stumbled across rentals. As long as you choose the right property and offer it for the right rental price, your investment in profitable rental property should pay for itself in no time. Image by rawpixel from Pixabay According to Statista,… Read More »

10 Tips to Maximize Your Branding on YouTube: Advanced Lesson with Videos

by Kenneth J. Dickson InvestorBlogger.com YouTube is the 2nd biggest social network on the planet with 2.0 billion active users every month. They spend an average of 40 minutes each visit, while 70% of them are using their mobile phone. The core demographic for YouTube is young, savvy and sophisticated, so expand your branding on YouTube in ways… Read More »

Your Taxes: Personal Income Tax Deadlines in Nine English Speaking Countries

For those of you international jetsetters preparing your own taxes, it’s wise to keep an eye on the different financial years when you’re preparing your taxes and accounting records. I’ve always had a tough time remembering this info when I efile, so I’ve prepared a helpful list of nine English speaking countries (and Taiwan), their fiscal years and tax… Read More »

Top 4 Ways to Use Today’s Technology to Increase Sales in Your Business

In today’s competitive markets, the right technology needs to be aligned to your overall business goals for increasing sales. But it can be a challenge to sift through the various tools available. This article discusses four ways you can use modern technology to generate more sales, including creating videos for social media, chat bots, mobile apps, and real-time… Read More »

SiteBuildIt Scam Stumbles On & On Like a Zombie

This comment was not posted at the Addicted To Decorating page on SiteBuildIt: Don’t know why. Don’t particularly care why. It’s Kristi’s choice. But I’ll post it here. So the Forums are closed again. Open, close, open, close… what is SBI but a swing door for cats? Really… they are still shovelling about WordPress, WordPress.com, Wealthy Affiliate… whoever… Read More »

Sometimes you just have to fire a business associate!

Linkworth used to be a fairly reliable advertising partner on InvestorBlogger… but then they forgot to pay up for their share. I’m pretty sure they kept the money from the client, but just ‘forgot’ to pay their partner. … In past years, I would just send them a ticket… but nearly 75 days have passed since the last… Read More »

What is Windows ReadyBoost? How can it save you money?

Are you looking for a solution for a slow running Windows PC? There is one often overlooked method that gives an older PC a boost. Windows ReadyBoost is a simple-to-adopt and affordable solution to speeding up a PC running Windows Vista or later and uses older or slower hard disks. This article explains what ReadyBoost can do, what… Read More »