666: The number of the devil? Not in Taiwan!

By | July 25, 2007

For reasons that I must admit are a bit murky to me, 666 has been associated in the Christian world with the Anti-Christ. Far be it from me to enter a theological or mythological debate, I would like my readers to read this story…

cbs5.com – SF Cab Driver Claims Taxi Number 666 Bad Luck

In Taiwan, the numbers 6 and 8 are considered very lucky or auspicious numbers. Combinations of 6 and 8 are therefore very desirable. In fact, license plates with these numbers fetch high prices.  Prices in stores often end in these numbers.

The number here to be avoided is the number ‘4’ because the sound is similar to the word for death. Hence there are no rooms with 4 or 44 in hotels, no 4th floor in hospitals, and so on.

I guess my point: numbers and their related meanings are highly culture determined. In Taipei, the SF Taxi Driver would be able to sell his cab for a lot more!