5 Ways to Manage Finances Better


Managing my own finances was easy: I simply spent everything, and didn’t worry about tomorrow so much. However, once I got married, things had to change! They had to. My wife was not interested in financial management, so I had to take up the reins, so to speak.

And I did. Beatthatquote.com is sponsoring this post to encourage us bloggers to share our true and tried tips for manaing our finances. In fact, I tried a whole bunch of different ways before settling pretty much on what we do today; and that’s what I’ll write about. These are my ten money management tips:

  • 1. Ration cash: it’s not necessary to have a budget so much as a limit on what you spend. It takes a while to live within the budget before you are successful. But, I also set up a soft limit that helped to control the amount of excess.

  • 2. Have different ‘jars’: don’t just rely on one bank account or checking account, sometimes it’s necessary to make money unavailable or difficult to access to keep your spending under control, especially if the money is for particular purposes.

  • 3. Borrowing Money: Use loans and credit cards sparingly. Know how much your interest payments are at all times, and avoid keeping debt on credit cards more than you have to. The interest rates can be too high: from 11% and up. And, interest payments are almost always expensive when compared to not having to pay!

  • 4. Maximize your Interest: Find ways to consolidate your ‘free’ money into places that pay decent amounts of interest. It’s not worth putting large amounts into your checking account as you’ll get practically no interest in most cases.

  • 5. Saving your Expenses: in many cases, you’ll find that you overpay for financial services if you don’t shop around. So you may need to compare car insurance policies, mortgages, life insurances and so on, it makes to shop around and find better deals. But of course, if you spend too much time trying to save a few dollars or get the BEST deals, you will find that the it becomes counterproductive.

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