Useful Tools: Google Docs Can Publish to Your Blog!

For those of you who use Google Docs and Spreadsheets, you might be interested to know you can post directly to your blog from within the ‘Publish’ tab. You need to set up your blog within the Publish area, then you can do it.

In fact, I just wrote this post in this way. I’m still experimenting with this feature. Apparently, you can even tag it with the correct category. It could be very useful when publishing longer articles and stuff that needs more formatting like tables, html, etc.

Ok. Here goes, I’m about to save it with a name: then hit publish. You can try it, too.

Two Caveats: The title didn’t appear, nor was it put in the correct category! I guess there’s some work to do on this feature! But still. It works well, and you can simply go back to your blog, and add these easily.