200,000 words and counting…

I had been looking at my word stats in this blog, courtesy of a plugin that I like, called Word Statistics when I noticed that that last post of mine was over 1000 words long. So I took a quick peek at the other stats that I track with TD Word Count which showed that the total number of words in this blog had reached over 200,000. Here’s the full details…

+ 194,189 total published words from 764 posts
+ 6,583 total unpublished words from 439 posts
= 200,772 total all words from 1,203 posts
= 166 average words per post
248 (20.6151%) posts contain 300+ words

Its methodology of counting is a little suspect in some cases, as it counts some posts that aren’t really posts, but still… 200,000 words. That’s something.