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June 2008 – a reprise!

I’d like to have a review of this month’s posts. So I’ll post the best ones for you to check out… We had a lot of trouble in the middle of the month with server issues that resulted in fewer posts as I started shifting my sites and clients’ sites around: Anyway, enjoy the best of June, 2008… Read More »

Vivid Skies: Sunday Trips in Northern Taiwan

Today’s trip was the result of a fortunate coincidence: great weather with clear skies, good company and something to celebrate. We started off at the Taipei University of the Arts where we had a big nosh up replete with steak, salad, cheesecake, etc.. After lunch, we wandered around the campus and enjoyed the lovely views over Taipei City.… Read More »

Isla Formosa: Five Videos from Taiwan

Life in Taipei really is different. I’ve collected four different videos to illustrate just how life is different in Taiwan. Garbage. Sort it, bag it and drag it! John Chow recently posted this video on how people throw away garbage… Can you guess what that sound is? 7-Eleven: One of the plus points! This video takes you round… Read More »

Photo of the Day: On the Walk to Tamsui

It’s not often that we see contrasts in Taipei, but in the walk on Saturday, we came across this sharp contrast: traditional setting in the front, modernity rearing its head behind! In the foreground, there’s a large pond filled with bullfrogs. In the middleground, a family house that’s been there for years – who knows? There are other… Read More »

Trips in Taiwan: From little Bavaria to little Italy

Fancy a little bite to eat… Lusting for some good German food… Then head out into the countryside of the North East Coast, to a little place called Smoky Inn. It was a little tricky to find (I’ve borrowed the map to highlight its location). You can see the mark there. We nearly missed the turning, as it… Read More »

New Blood: New Hope – Can Taiwan Finally Escape the Impasse of the Last 30 Years?

Taiwan has always been in an awkward position in its relationship with China. At different times, Taiwan has been the aggressor, the victim, had the upperhand, been at the bottom of the pile… While the actual position of its relationship hasn’t been that important to Taiwan’s political and economic position, in recent years Taiwan’s relationship has vacillated between… Read More »

Living in Taiwan: Photographs found on Flickr

I’ve lived in Zhuwei for nearly 8 years now, and I realized how few pictures I’ve taken of the streets around our area… Fortunately, for those who don’t live here, you can find lots of pictures of the area on Flickr. Just Flickr to this location and take a look at the snaps. Zhuwei literally means ‘bamboo garden’… Read More »

News Updates from InvestorBlogger – EntreCard, Investing, Presidents and Last.fm

It’s been a really long time since I did anything newsy on this blog. I’ve posted “recent posts” lists, but nothing newsy. So it’s today. Do check out my post on how to make a newsletter, my updated download page, and the language of spending money . Trades in my account: Trading for Dividends! I recently noted FYI… Read More »

Harley Davidson Launches in Taiwan

All week on TV we’ve been treated to a Harley Davidson Ad that says “We’re coming to Taiwan”. I first came to Taiwan in 1992 and I can remember there being a special squad of police officers who rode Harley’s. They were the only guys in Taiwan who were legally allowed to ride ‘big bikes’. After Taiwan joined… Read More »