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We will cover some of the finer things in life, after all all work and no play makes Ken a dull boy!

Harley Davidson Launches in Taiwan

All week on TV we’ve been treated to a Harley Davidson Ad that says “We’re coming to Taiwan”. I first came to Taiwan in 1992 and I can remember there being a special squad of police officers who rode Harley’s. They were the only guys in Taiwan who were legally allowed to ride ‘big bikes’. After Taiwan joined… Read More »

Old Calendars: New Pictures – Creating extra excitement in your living room

About two years ago, I was very lucky to find time to have a break to travel to the UK (my home country) during July and August. Despite the BA strike at the beginning of August which meant we HAD to stay over a few days extra with some good friends in Brighton, the vacation was a wonderful… Read More »

The Tea Kingdoms: Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

This story caught my eye! Novel ways in which Chinese tea companies can compete with Starbucks, and Coca Cola. I’ve already looked at the tea business in Taiwan, but this video story follows up quite nicely. Enjoy!

My Christmas 2007 Present

Yes, my wife combined my birthday present and Christmas present all into one… and bought me a Sony 2GB MP3 player! How cool is that? Full specs are: Product Features USB Direct Connect Multiple Audio Codec Support – WMA and MP3 3-Line Color LCD Display FM Tuner with Recorder Functin and 30 Station Presets Up to 12 Hours… Read More »

Buzz: Trusted Tours & Attractions in San Francisco- Sign up and win an iPod!

It was January 1998, my wife and I had just moved house to Tienmou in Taipei, and despite everything being a mess, we still decided to take a much delayed (and much needed) honeymoon to Hawaii, San Francisco and Northern California. I do have some of the pictures I took then, but it’s difficult to find them from… Read More »

Beringer’s White Zinfandel 2006: light, delicious and refreshing

This post starts a series of posts on this blog called “The Finer Things in Life” (or should it be subtitled “Life’s guilty little pleasures”?) Step up #1 in the list: Beringer’s 2006 White Zinfandel. We found them at Costco in Taipei City, and purchased several of them. Each time I have found them to be consistent in… Read More »

The Daily Latte

How the money goes…? Yes, those $3 a day habits do really add up! Let’s see: $3*365 = $1095 per year. That doesn’t include the overpriced confections, cakes or cookies. So you could really save quite a lot of money this way! I used to enjoy going to *$ onholiday in the UK. The sandwiches were fresh and… Read More »