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The Tea Kingdoms: Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

This story caught my eye! Novel ways in which Chinese tea companies can compete with Starbucks, and Coca Cola. I’ve already looked at the tea business in Taiwan, but this video story follows up quite nicely. Enjoy!

eBay Suspension: It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it…!

For those of you who remember my situation with eBay, they finally answered my email, after I reposted my email through the user center (again). Last month, I was suspended from using eBay for no apparent reason, with a somewhat abrupt email from eBay and poor help from their customer *dis*service center. Here’s the follow up email I… Read More »

Hong Kong, Taxes and Us…!

Today’s Issue of Steve Sjuggerud’s DailyWealth Hong Kong Adapts to the Brave New WorldOne of our favorite anecdotes about Hong Kong dates back to 2003, when the S.A.R. was mired in doom and gloom (property prices were down –70% from their highs, people were hysterical about SARS…). That year, taxi drivers went on a strike to ask for…… Read More »