May 2007: Consistent and Improving…

I already posted my May stats and they are substantially correct as of June 1st, with one notable exception: I finally crossed the 100K Technorati ranking! For that, I’d like to thank especially the supporters of my various competitions and activities! I’m looking forward to running even more!

Anyway May income results are in:

Payperpost: $119.50
Google : $5.44
SR/ReviewME/Other : $7.00
Adlinks : $266.95
Stocks: $74.21
Hosting : $0.00
Bank A/C Interest : $19.31
Total: $492.91

So although the overall amounts are broadly similar to last month’s, there are significant differences. Payperpost was down quite a lot since last month; I’m beginning to see an end to Payperpost blogging due to recent changes within the network, at least for me. There are too many bloggers now chasing too few opportunities, despite my blogging being highly rated, my time zone places me at quite a disadvantage!

Link sales have been good this month, as I offered for sale three links and generated additional revenue from TLA. Also, my reorganization of the bank accounts is now generating even more per month, though I reckon that I can still increase it another 25%. Dividends are still coming at a good pace, and my account is still 14% cash at the moment anyway. I’m also sitting on about $2,000 cash, but I’m undecided on how to create additional revenue each month with this cash.

I’ve been an income investor/entrepreneur for quite some time, so some of my sources of income go back quite a few years. Overall, though, I’ve earned over $4,037 in cash (less taxes, of course) since I began recording this September 1st, 2006. While the amount is nowhere near my goal of $1500 per month, I’m regularly bringing in approx. 1/3 of that now. So, to achieve that within nine months is pretty spectacular.

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7 thoughts on “May 2007: Consistent and Improving…

  1. Elizabeth Adams

    Hello, Kenneth …

    First of all, congratulations on your earnings this month! I’m going to email your link to a friend of mine with two young children who is trying to get her blog “monetized” at the moment. Perhaps your report will be an inspiration to her.

    I’m also writing to test the MyBlogLog/MyAvatars system on my end … to see if my white flower appears here, in other words, instead of the black head!

    I am logged into MyBlogLog and I’ve refreshed the screen just to be on the safe side so, unless there’s something I’m absolutely not getting about this avatars-in-comments feature, my flower should show up here as soon as you’ve cleared the post. I’ll be watching for the email!

    Regards, Elizabeth …

    P.S. As per the discussion about “no follow” in John’s thread, do you have it on this blog, or have you installed a “dofollow” plugin?

  2. Lugnut22

    Congratulations on your month. I just posted my May blogging income as well. Like you, I am beginning to have some questions about PayPerPost, but figured that the issues I am facing has more to do with being a relatively new blog, and still at a PR0. It is a bit discouraging to see you with the same feelings as a PR3 blog. I’m planning on giving it more time, but don’t see it being a large percentage of potential income in the long term (I’d be happy if it is in the 10-15% range).
    I’d be interested in finding out more about your AdLinks. It sounds like you just started selling 3 ad links through TLA, but that you are also generating ad link revenue in other fashions. What else are you doing to sell your ad links on your site?

  3. Lugnut22

    [ So it seems my last comment didn’t take,so I’m reposting.]
    Congrats on your results for May, I just posted my May results as well, although they are not quite up to your level. I share some of your frustration with PayPerPost, although I’m planning on giving it some more time. It is a bit frustrating to hear of your issues since you are a PR3.

    I’d be interested to find out more about your adlinks. I don’t imagine that your adlink income is all coming from the three links you added through TLA. What other strategies are you using for selling your adlinks?

  4. kennethdickson Post author

    I was averaging about $150 per month up until end of May, but then they introduced a number of changes, and I couldn’t really adapt to the changes, incl. holding posts time length.

    I suspect that the price of most postings is headed down in the longer term simply due to oversupply of bloggers on PPP. I don’t, as a result, recruit new bloggers for PPP.

  5. kennethdickson Post author

    Yes, I’ve been successful in attracting text link ads, don’t know why! I originally advertised on AdsenseChat (got one link there); and on Digital Point, got several links first time, but NOTHING the second. Increasingly people are just asking me direct. It happens if you have enough traffic.

    Strategy: monthly links are ALL handled through TLA. Annual or longer links are handled privately. But I offer discounts for a year booking, and I try to drive additional traffic, too.

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