Harley Davidson Launches in Taiwan

All week on TV we’ve been treated to a Harley Davidson Ad that says “We’re coming to Taiwan”. I first came to Taiwan in 1992 and I can remember there being a special squad of police officers who rode Harley’s. They were the only guys in Taiwan who were legally allowed to ride ‘big bikes’.

After Taiwan joined WTO, the importation regulations were relaxed and you can now regularly see many BIG bikes on the roads, they all have the distinctive RED license plates to differentiate them from the two-stroke lawnmower engine sized bikes that are common here. And they are accorded different privileges than regular bikes.

When we went to 101 today, little did we know that we’d be walking by all of these fantastic bikes at today’s launch!

Outside the venue…



Oh, no where are the bikes… I can’t see any…









This is my favorite here bike!




And of course, my favorite of the day…


A kind gentleman who had a far more environmentally friendly way to get around Taipei. He was quite happy to pose for a photo-opp. Oh, and those booth-babes… Well, I got some pictures on the video… I’ve already uploaded it to YouTube. But it’s processing, and I have to go to bed! So I’ll add it tomorrow.

Have fun! Have a Harley weekend!

(ed. I updated the post with a video, but I can’t convert the original video to AVI to edit it yet…:( )

14 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Launches in Taiwan

  1. cfimages

    Nice shots. I was at 101 yesterday and saw all the bikes arriving from the window of my taxi, but didn’t go down to check things out.

  2. InvestorBlogger Post author

    Thanks for the article. I read it with interest.

    With Asian incomes heading ever upwards, this kind of ‘toy’ becomes increasingly affordable, and popular.


  3. Fatbob

    Yes, but…….

    Asia will not be decoupled from the coming bond market crash.
    Anyone that buys and expensive machine like this is a fool. At the very least, wait until late 2009 just to make sure life still exists as we know it (!).

    Cracks have already appeared in the news regarding how the banks here in Taiwan area exposed to the MBS and credit derivative problems. I have a feeling the mega financial corporations are treading water just to stay afloat until Mr. Ma steps in. Then they can beg the Chinese wealth funds for support. (which means the PRC will take financial control of Taiwan once they run the banks) – just my opinion.

  4. InvestorBlogger Post author

    Thanks, FatBob. I’m aware that local banks do have exposure to these problems… but not quite clued up on it.

    Can you cite some newspapers stories…? That’d be great.

    Are you suggesting that bond prices will fall because yields have to rise to reward investors better?…


  5. InvestorBlogger Post author


    Sorry about the comments getting lost. Comments with lots of links (ie more than one!) get automatically canned because of the HIGH frequency of spam posts that do that! And this blog gets a lot of spam… I have had to tighten SK2 a lot.

    But what choice do they have? They can’t run a campaign saying: Save money and buy a smaller bike… they don’t make smaller bikes!

    Between a rock and a hard place. As are many other luxury goods companies, like Starbucks, Department Stores, …


  6. Yen

    Forget about the money….. After a person been went through so much in life, it is the time to spoil himself/herself! Have fun be happy is the most important things in life!

  7. Keith

    Nice pic's of the Harley's on your site…

    I enjoyed reading through it and looking at the pic's….


    1. InvestorBlogger Post author

      Thanks. It was a wonderful afternoon. Harley’s have been really popular in Taiwan! Though the big engines are illsuited to the local dense urban communities.

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