Fast-Teks: What do you do when your PCs crap out?

By | May 29, 2008

The past few days have been quite taxing: why? I’ve been having trouble with my PCs. Between my school and home, I have to manage seven different pcs with OSes from XP to XPSP2 and in English/Chinese and mobile/desktop. It’s a nightmare to say the least as none of the other users is competent in managing anything but the basics: start, login, run Word, print, browse, and that’s it!

This week I’ve had to troubleshoot at least three technical problems, each of which needed a competent computer technical support service! My Flickr upload software was crashing my PC, or at least I thought so… Turned out to be the heat overheating my CPU fan… Then I had to install the tax filing software… except it wouldn’t install on ANY of my nine machines, even with the most recent updates of Windows XP; and now one of my home PCs is slow booting, and I don’t know why. On top of that, two machines need new CPU batteries to help keep the time… Oh, and don’t get me started on the Anti-Virus software situation, now.

This is when I wish I had a good company on call, esp. as we usually have to fix problems on the two days of the week when we are the hardest pressed for time: Wednesdays and Fridays. Of course, as a small business, we don’t have access to the IT departments and big budgets of large companies… we pretty much have to Jacks of all Trades.

So it would be nice to have a company on hand that can provide prompt, professional, affordable and convenient service on your doorstep (esp. as we work odd hours). Am I dreaming? Perhaps not…

Who do you call when your PC craps out?

  • Your wife/husband/tech partner…
  • Your PC salesperson…
  • Your personal life guru…
  • Your 17-year-old…

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2 thoughts on “Fast-Teks: What do you do when your PCs crap out?

  1. Karen

    I call on my 22 year old son. LOL Lately though, I find I know more than he does about computers. That is scary. LOL

  2. InvestorBlogger Post author

    Your son…!? Hey, that’s a thought! But I find that users of computers (like me) tend to get very good at somethings but don’t know much about other things:
    I know a lot of webby things, but burning a CD Audio of my own recording… well, I’m like a newborn baby! Where does the disk go? What do I do next?…
    And I hate ripping stuff in iTunes, it’s just so clunky for me… but loads of younger people LOVE it!


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