Buzz: Skeet’s Stuff – a blog about ‘clutter’! And it’s not cluttered!


I recently visited Skeet’s Blog, and was immediately struck by the unusual but delightful header image on her blog.

When I wrote her about it, this is what Anita wrote:

Mahalo Kenneth! A friend did the art for me after my theme designer tried to sell me on a very chic, Sex-in-the City looking gal for the header. So not me! Goal was to depict me – mature semi-anonymous (like all bloggers) woman, sitting in her clutter, reading a book instead of doing something about the mess. Camera, shopping and books all tie in to the new blogs I’m building. I really love what she came up with. Dogs and Hawaii are central to my life, too, of course.

I’ve mentioned eye candy in several ways over the last few months. And the personalization she achieves by including a sketch of a human being (herself) in cartoon form really adds to the tone and appearance of her blog. Very nicely done. I’ve been posting comments on her environment and finance categories.

Good luck on your blog!

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9 thoughts on “Buzz: Skeet’s Stuff – a blog about ‘clutter’! And it’s not cluttered!

  1. Amanda

    Eye candy is important, neat and clean design is just as important!

  2. Mr. Fabulous

    Skeet is super-cool. I dig her!

    I have already faved you, so I figured I’d come over and comment 🙂

  3. Ginene

    Nice blog. I saw your post on payperpost forum so I figured I’d leave you a comment. How long have you been blogging?

  4. InvestorBlogger

    Thanks for the compliment, and the comment. Eh, about two or three years regularly, but I can’t quite remember when. When I started doing my own hosting rather than relying on Blogger Tools, perhaps 2004.


  5. skeet

    Super-cool? Eye candy, hm? I’ve become interesting in my old age, lol! Mahalo for the kind words, Kenneth and commenters!

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