Buy, Sell and Hold: Javascripts for my blog, and Yours!

By | March 6, 2008

I recently added up the number of Javascripts and Plugins that are on my blog… It’s like 20 plugins and 17 javascripts. So, if you are noticing a slowdown, and longer page loading times, then I apologize. I have to cut down some of the less essential ones. I am awarding grades out of five for verdicts to help figure out what is a ‘buy’, what’s a ‘hold’, and what’s a ‘sell’.

All my javascripts are listed here:

  • BlugRush – I was enticed to readd this with the promise of better quality traffic. So far, BlogRush shows lots of traffic, but I didn’t see ANY click throughs directly from BlogRush. … still I will leave it right now for a while longer, even though it is mostly spewing spam blogs with nothing but links to articles. Verdict: **/5
  • RealTrafficExchange – I recently added this as a way to generate additional traffic, but it’s a waste of time. My blogs haven’t been approved at all. Verdict: */5.
  • ScratchBackWidget – I can’t make up my mind on this javascript, I took it down, then replaced, then took it down again. Then I replaced it. I guess I’ll keep it. Verdict: ***/5. I’m looking for this to improve with age.
  • ADDTHIS – Definitely keep this. In fact I have three on each page. Is that too many? Verdict: *****/5.
  • Forbes – I joined this ad network because of its supposedly prestigious advertising connections. But it seems to be turning into a lame duck for me. Unprofessional. Sharon Gitelle sent out the first code for the badge: it wasn’t even HTML or Javascript. Bad… Out. 350 impression, and only showing one network ad. I also have the blogger badge. This slows down the loading. Verdict: */5.
  • MyBlogLog: Actually, I have three scripts installed from them apparently: my bloglog widget, my bloglog profile, and my bloglog visitors (at the bottom). That’s likely two too many. Overall, the verdict: ***/5. I’ll keep one of them.
  • Blogmad: BlogMad is a network of Bloggers who operate a traffic network system. I like to show my blog in there amongst blogs of a similar category. It helps to build traffic and visitors.
  • Alexa: A largely inaccurate way to measure traffic and visitor depth to a website as an objective measurement. Seriously inaccurate for all but the biggest sites as its data sample is far too small. I keep it for measuring some traffic as its generally the only independent measurement of some standing. Still. It is not worth more than – Verdict: ***/5.
  • RealRank: Another way to measure the traffic to a website, it was first touted by Payperpost (later Izea) as an answer to the Google RankSpank. Well, it’s now available, but SocialSpark is not. Useful but not worth more than – Verdict: ***/5.
  • NetAudioAds was purported to be a new concept in ads that allowed an ad to be played when a visitor went to a particular page. Unfortunately, it has been beta-testing for quite a long time. We keep being promised a roll-out, but all I can say is Verdict: */5 largely for tardiness.
  • PPP: This code allows me to participate in the PayPerPost Network. Since I haven’t had an opportunity to write about anything there (not even ones that I set up), I’m considering removing it, but haven’t gotten around to it. Also, since PPP isn’t no_follow yet, this presents a conundrum. Verdict: before: *****/5 now */5. Who knows about tomorrow?
  • Google Analytics: Essential code for making sense of the traffic that visits your blog or website. Highly recommended, even if it’s from the Google Grinch. Verdict: ****/5

I guess I’ll be removing most of these in the next few hours. Why weigh down your blog? Eh…

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3 thoughts on “Buy, Sell and Hold: Javascripts for my blog, and Yours!

  1. cfimages

    Something is slowing things down. This comments page loads ok, but the main page just kept ticking away without fully loading. All of the content seemed to load ok. I left the loading in the background for over 5 minutes without it ever reaching 100% loaded. Just FYI.

  2. InvestorBlogger Post author

    Thanks, Craig. I haven’t noted that problem yet, but I have removed a number of scripts already, in fact, seven. I think there are other problems with the plugins still. I would like to have a snappier website. I just don’t know which plugins are slowing the server.


  3. InvestorBlogger Post author

    Ads for herbal supplements, bollywood actresses and gay dating websites… Geez. Could the ads on MediaAdGrid be any worse.

    I used to give them */5… I am taking away that one star.

    DON’T Waste your time.

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