BloggerWave: Wait till this ‘beta’ gets better!

There have been a plethora of paid for blogging type websites opening up in the past few months. Along with the established players such as Payperpost (up nearly 9 months), Blogsvertise, Blogitive, now there’s Smorty, Loudlaunch, SponsoredReviews, and perhaps the latest, Bloggerwave.

bloggerwave website

With so many new entrants in the field, and the feeling that everything is on Internet time, some websites are launching without proper testing. Specifically, I mention Bloggerwave. Many registered users have been greeted by pages that look something like this. More users who registered have faced problems with the database not retaining their details, despite registering. The web pages that greet those who tried to login typically have looked something like this:

bloggerwave crashes

bloggerwave works

Still the website is now running again. I don’t know what the problems were. I would like to do a review of their website, but at the moment, it stills seems rough and unfinished. More like an alpha release, than a beta. Let’s hope things get better! I’d advise that you register now, but wait a little until things settle down.

Registered Bloggerwave User.

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4 thoughts on “BloggerWave: Wait till this ‘beta’ gets better!

  1. lauritsen

    Hi there. I work with bloggerwave.

    Your blog is from April, 2007. I see your concern regarding the database errors. That was all due to server problem. Since then has been moved to another hosting company: Rackspace and that seem to solve the problem.

    And be all means, is only about 6 weeks old. We needed some time for the last bugs to be fixed.


  2. kennethdickson Post author

    Thanks for your feedback! I’m always happy to hear from companies in the blogging space! Many of the writers are confused by the problems that BloggerWave has had in the last six to eight weeks. You might need to go to some of the forums and calm some rattled nerves! Many of the people concerned are first movers for PPP and tend to be opinion setters for others! Good luck!

  3. kennethdickson Post author

    Yep. Recently payments have been made, I hear and things are moving… It’s still a young service!


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