BlogBuzz #8: My Little Corner

By | May 7, 2008

In 2007, I started doing a few BlogBuzzes for people, and in 2008 I am continuing my BlogBuzz. You’ll see it is a great way to advertise your blog around the net, and I get my blog seen on your blog… We all win!

Well, after the disaster of number #7, I’ve decided to regroup and start doing buzzes again. … If you’re still interested, drop me a line in the contact form. Do complete the opp first. The buzzes can be short or long, but at least a minimum of 50 words, please!

My Little Corner is Buzz Number 8 on my list! Welcome to this Buzz and let’s take a look at your blog. I love the great color scheme on this blog, the pastels are quite attractive to my eyes! I tried to visit the blog theme designer you linked in the footer!


I like buzzing new blogs, it’s always exciting to see what new blogs are about. I’m thinking that this blog is going to become a general blog. There aren’t many posts in the archive yet, but the categories are intriguing: beauty, business, money, government, love… I’ve got three good suggestions for you, Diana!

  • Change your permalinks so that they show full titles;
  • Cut down your 20 categories to less than half a dozen soon (it’ll help to find your blog focus!);
  • Merge some of your categories: volunteerism vs. charity, government vs. politics, and so on!

Keep up the blogging, and I look forward to your request for a buzz in 2009! Who knows, you may not even need it! That’s it for Buzz #8. I think I managed to hit more than one blog on that buzz! If you are interested, just read about the buzz and drop me a line!

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2 thoughts on “BlogBuzz #8: My Little Corner

  1. Diana

    Hi Kenneth,
    Thank you so much for the buzz and the comments on my blog and on your blog. I’ve enjoyed your visits.
    Your suggestions are very good and I’m going to work this weekend on making the changes you’ve suggested.
    Thank you, again,

  2. InvestorBlogger Post author

    You’re welcome! Don’t try anything you don’t feel comfortable or capable of yet…

    My suggestion for permalinks would be

    URL/%postname% only but there are other options, too.


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