Time for a change: 2 Blogs OUT who’s in?

Well, it’s time for the regular update to the Top-20 Money Making Blogs List. And there are two candidates for removal.

Unfortunately, Tim Schroeder’s Emonitized which was recently added stop publishing just a few weeks later.  Blog focuses on affiliate marketing, blogging, and much more. He’s got a lot of great posts about this and I’ll hopefully be featuring much more on his blog. It’s still worth searching his archives, but I frequently have PageLoadErrors on his site.

The other site that is gracefully making an exit from this list is JohnCow. I must confess as a former regular reader of that blog… I have totally lost the conversation. I don’t know what JohnCow is on about most of the time, I no longer read his blog on a regular day, so I feel that this is not one I can recommend any longer. Worse, the blogging style has gone from one thing to another. I’m wondering if Jason has now sold or outsourced the entire blog to someone else. Traffic is still holding up there, though.

Any suggestions on who can replace these? I’ve got some good ones in my bookmarks, but I’d like some suggestions… So comment away!