Buzz: Trading Concepts – Can you make money on E-Mini?

Since 2007, Linkworth has been providing me with regular reviews for some time now, and now I’m looking at a website that aims to help traders perform much better in the stock market. The website is called Trading Concepts, Inc. and you can find the URL at, and aims to teach investors how to trade on a daily basis (daily trading), as well as options and futures for the emini market.

Who is Todd Mitchell?

A search on Google also brought up the fact that this company run by Todd Mitchell had been trading since 1994. Todd Mitchell has been providing study-at-home courses and training in trading since then. So he is a veteran in the ‘teaching sells’ market online. You can listen to his introduction on MP3 (link removed).

trading concepts

Traders Need Concepts, right?

Given the highly volatile nature of the markets that this website is focusing and the potential risks for traders in these markets to lose all of their investments, creating and marketing a website that helps to teach investors about these markets seems like a great way to make money.

Since this website’s purpose is to make money from teaching, customers are expected to purchase a membership which now costs $2,495 $1,795. While the website claims that this is quite inexpensive compared to other courses, I can’t verify that claim. I do know that workshops and seminars can be QUITE expensive. The real question is: Is the course WORTH $1,795?

Is the price right?

When you order this set of courses, you will receive:

  1. “…a 250 + page Comprehensive Manual,
  2. 4 Professionally Shot Video Tapes (50+ page manual),
  3. 3 Hours of Professionally Recorded Audio CD’s (50+ page manual),
  4. FREE Unlimited Phone/E-Mail Consultation,
  5. FREE Unlimited Access into the Members Area of your website and
  6. A FREE Day Of LIVE Market Training.

It’s clear from the list of items that the key lies in WHAT information the books, videos, and CDs contain, rather than the quantity of such information. A trader who’s trading daily and looking for an edge may decide that the price offers great value for money.

With courses that promise to unveil the techniques it’s difficult to find exactly what inside information or techniques they are selling but the website offers a number of pages that can help: Exactly What Is The S&P 500 Futures Market?, Trading Links, and there are some short articles that can help point you in the right direction:

  • 20 Survival Skills For The Trader – The road to Trading Success is never a straight line
  • Exactly What Is The E-Mini/S&P 500 Futures Market
  • Trend Trading vs. Counter-Trend Trading
  • Traits Of A Successful Trader/Investor
  • Glossary Of Trading Terms

If you are interested in finding out more, Todd offers a free sample of his materials that can help you evaluate whether the product is suitable for you or not.

Conclusion: Experience Counts For Something

Todd clearly has a lot of experience in the marketplace, and has been offering his products online and offline for more than 13 years. In a here today/gone tomorrow internet world, this offers a certain amount of confidence to the trader or investor who is looking for solid, verifiable experience in what is otherwise a very risky market.

This post has been sponsored by Trading Concepts, Inc. via. Disclaimer: I currently do not trade options, futures or e-minis myself.

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