From TYTN to Taiwan: 5 Stories for bloggers and techies

In this post, you’ll read about money making, Asus Eee-PC, Google PR, Hitech and Iphone Knock-offs.

To get rich sometimes doesn’t require the smartest of ideas, in fact, NicheGeek describes some ‘stupid’ ideas that have made lots of money. Of course, I’d have to include the Pet Rocks craze as my number 11 on that list! It’s worth reading this Sunday. Anyway, if you’re interested, it’s called: 10 Totally Stupid Online Business Ideas That Made Someone Rich

Also, has Real Pictures of ASUS Eee PC – which I’ve been following. I’m going to have to take some time off work, and go looking for one! This device is going to invent a whole new industry of full feature subportable devices that are light, reliable and inexpensive.

On the recent Google PR update/fiasco, here is one interesting response: Blog police kiss my butt!

You know what really slays me? Okay, I’ll tell you. People that tell other people what to do with their blogs. I’m not talking about a solicited or requested blog review or something like that. I’m talking about people that keep their own blogs a certain way and wag their fingers at people that like to think outside the box.

It intrigues me that there are so many people out there who want to tell me how to run my blog! John Cow follows up with a good story: Our Blog Is Not Your Bitch | John Cow dot Com.

So you’re still hankering for an iPhone (or is it Iphone?). Bloomberg presents some ideas on where to get unofficial knock-offs in Taipei City.

At the end of an alley in Taiwan’s most violent city, a black Mercedes-Benz sedan blocks a sliding- glass door that opens only from within. Inside, technophiles can buy iPhone knockoffs for two-thirds the legitimate price.

Of course, you can’t wait for an iPhone, and dont’ want to buy a knock-off… Then, if you are looking for similar functions available now, you could do no better than Hitec’s HTC. Better still, it’s available outside the U.S. ; and it works with much faster networks. Still want that iPhone?


  • High speed internet with worldwide 3G
  • Full connectivity with Tri-Band UMTS, Quad-Band EDGE, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® Instant access to email
  • Sliding keyboard for easy typing
  • Secondary camera for video telephony
  • Synchronised music and pictures for easy playback and management

After all, why buy an Apple iPhone when it’s not the best.

So that’s it for the roundup on InvestorBlogger this Saturday and Sunday 26th-27th October!

Business Management

I have a very stubborn friend that reckons his biz idea - lets call it X - is a sure thing

he has little biz sense but is super keen, he has done no research on investment amount, demographics, market size, pricing etc etc. he simply thinks its a good idea

I have three or four things to say about this guy:

1. Of course, one of the problems in Taiwan is that people opening business most often don’t make adequate provisions for poor cash flow in the first 3-6 monthsj of their business plan. They often run out of cash after that period, and go out of business, even when they have a great product. I’ve seen many good business go to the wall in surprisingly short order.

2. Having said that, planning things can in some cases kill enthusiasm. We westerners tend to overplan for things to the point that the idea just dies from the weight of planning. A little spontaneity can really help get a business going. So I wouldn’t completely knock him without knowing such sketchy details as you have provided. Perhaps he’s prepared to roll with the punches, and see how things go.

3. Perhaps he isn’t worried about making a mistake or mistakes. Often, the fear of mistakes prevents entrepreneurial activity, and the planning covers the fear by claiming it is impossible. The best entrepreneurs plan, do, make mistakes and learn from the whole process, even if they decide their business didn’t work the first time.

4. So in some ways, I admire entrepreneurs who keep trying because making mistakes is a sign that one is willing to learn. But one has to be willing to learn something from each mistake, otherwise you are just banging your head against a brick wall, no?