SOS: Assess the damage!

By | May 30, 2007

Step one in my short series about getting out of supplemental hell.

First step, I found out how many pages were actually hidden there. I found originally that it was over 52% of my pages. And the more I published, the more I found there. I have done comparisons with other blogs, and many have had similar results, but one or two have only 5 pages residing there out of over 325! Now that’s a rate I could live with!

Why is it important? This diverts traffic away from your pages because so many results that could bring up your blog are no longer being listed in the main pages. You could drive additional search engine traffic as a result of this! In my case, I suspect I could double my page views from Search Engines.

So, I found this great tool that I used to get the basic data. It’s called SEO for firefox. Click and read about the plugin for FF. It’s well worth it! Sorry, if you aren’t one of the 65% of readers who use FF for reading this blog! There may or may not be a tool for IE, but if you know about one that does a similar job, do drop me a line!

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