Step 2: Consider your current goals and timescale

The last few weeks have been quite stressful for me as I’ve been involved with the marketing of our business, as we carried out several promotional activities to increase enrolments. Unfortunately for this blog, that meant that I haven’t been posting as regularly as I was before.

Why is this important? Well, it has encouraged me to think about the goals for this blog, and the timescale that I have available for developing this website. Even if you come out with the same decisions, the process of re-evaluating your current goals and timescale can uncover some valuable considerations that led you to the goals in the first place. Occasionally, a deeper insight into your original motivations will confirm that you were right in the first place.

Some questions to consider:

1. what are the goals for your blog in the short-term and longer-term?

2. how much time do you have to devote to the blog: its design, marketing and content creation?

3. at certain times, you will be required to do more than at other times, such as at creation, when you have other commitments, before vacations, so how can you cope with such surges in activity?

4. what posting schedule do you think you can keep on a regular basis? it doesn’t matter what the schedule is, but regularity is a blessing to your visitors

5. are you happy with the levels of traffic you are getting? do you have sufficient time, resources and skills to create further traffic?

6. are you content with the direction, content and feedback that you are getting on your blog? if you aren’t, can you clarify what the underlying weaknesses are?

It’s wise to consider these questions as part of your review of your blog’s situation. Writing is very much a recursive process, even though blogging isn’t necessarily so. In our blogs, it’s quite likely that we will revisit the same topics again, and again, as our circle of competence grows. This is part of the natural ‘blogging’ environment.

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