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Keeping a track of your expenses: using Google Docs

When we were away on our travels, we really had a good time, and we found that Taiwan is really a place for enjoying yourself. For better or worse, we used our credit cards to pay the hotel fees. It was just so much more convenient and we’ll earn the points. But I failed to have a great… Read More »

Credit Card Bills for October 2008 – Woops!

Well, it is true,… all good things must come to an end, and just as I ended the summer in Hyde Park in London, then came back to Taiwan… so the last of my summer trip bills are coming due. And the total damage isn’t pretty. So here goes… The bill can be divided into three sections: vacation… Read More »

Safeguard your personal data – Buy a new system for your finances

Having two or more systems We’ve all been using one system as our main tool to play, work, do banking, write reports, … etc.. for a number of years now, but slowly I’m coming to the realization: this is not the most secure way to handle things, if you download a new game or driver, you risk compromising… Read More »

Confession Time: What is my biggest failing when it comes to money?

Ah! I have to share with you my biggest failing… it has to be ‘carelessness’… And I’ll share with you why I think so… When I bought my little portable PC, the Aspire One in the UK, I was very careful to make sure that I had all the documentation for a tax refund. The ACER Aspire One… Read More »

Current Holdings: October 13th, 2008 – Another Piece of the Puzzle

Well, the market is back up today (but with the poor performance of the economy, it’s going to be a couple of months before we know the after effects), and in the interests of ‘coming clean’, I’ve decided to reveal what my current stock holdings are. And when it was done, I was staggered how much the portfolio… Read More »

First Net Worth Statement – September 1995

Yes, after all the turmoil in the markets, I reached a decision. I have decided to blog about my finances in more detail. While the exact extent is uncertain at the moment, I have decided that I need to track the performance of my investments more regularly. A step back in time! In truth, I’ve been keeping (initially… Read More »

Kiva: A Charity Worth Giving For

Hi, Dear Reader! If you haven’t already heard about Kiva, then read about it here. I want to recruit you to my lending team, Taiwan Gives, on Kiva, a non-profit website that allows you to lend as little as $25 to a specific low-income entrepreneur in the developing world. You choose who to lend to – whether a… Read More »

Credit Card Post: September 2008 – Was it a big disaster or not?

After the modest spending of the last few months, I was greeted by a mighty thwack with September’s Bill. The damage was nearly NT$80,000! So what happened? How could it be so high? Actually, most credit card statements tell a story: this was no exception. It’s a story of three parts. Part 1: The business We’ve been on… Read More »

Phone Bills: How those calls can boost your phone bills?

Travelling can be a lot of fun. It’s only when you come home and open your phone bill that you realize how much international dialling and roaming can cost. After my trip through the UK, I just opened my first bill (there’s one more due) and it’s more than 10 times my bill. This would be okay but… Read More »