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Alexa Toolbar for Firefox: A new plugin for Firefox 2.0.0 and up

Alexa has long had a toolbar available for Internet Explorer. However, when it came to Firefox, almost no direct support was available, and so several enterprising individuals created toolbars themselves for Firefox. These solutions were usually to be found at Mozilla in the extensions section. Now, however, Alexa’s got Sparky. To get this, simply open this page in… Read More »

What? No Comments? A ‘Commentary’…

CashQuests and John Chow have been discussing whether to shut off comments on their blogs. Click on the links to see what arguments they make:Kumiko says: RSS subscribers will increase. There will be more incoming links. Better relationships will be built. Every page will convert better. Search engine traffic will increase. Posts will be more viral. Review orders… Read More » Source for Good Reading

Good reading precedes all good writing. And ReadPrint aims to provide a selection of good reading for the avid blogger! If you are interested in turning your blog into something more than a daily listing of what you ate, what you did, and who you talked to, supplementing your reading is necessary and addictive. In our world, too… Read More »

PR Update: Coming soon!

I just read a report called “PageRank Anyone? Yes Please! | John Cow dot Com” that notes that PR updates are just around the corner. It’s that time of the season again. Bloggers and webmasters will be all over the DigPageRank site for the next week or so. Someone on the Digital Point forums wrote that he saw… Read More »

Google Analytics: Have you got it set up yet?

Google Analytics has been around since November 2005, and was recently revamped with a new GUI as pictured below. Given all the other options that are around, including Sitemeter, MyBlogLog, and so on, Google Analytics is really the simplest solution and can provide a lot of useful statistics without much configuration. Have you installed it on your website… Read More »

Images for Your Blog – Five Good Sources You Can Use

Images are quite important for blogs, otherwise too many postings full of words can make it much more difficult for readers to read and absorb the information you are trying to convey. Largely, this is because of the way computer screens display information which makes intensive book-like reading styles much more uncomfortable. Attention spans tend to be shorter,… Read More »

10 PR7 Directories: Submitting won’t hurt you!

I don’t generally submit to a lot of online directories, figuring it isn’t so useful. But I just came across a list of 10 PR7 Directories on the main page. So if you are looking to build traffic and ranking, you may want to start with this basic list.… Read More »