Some kind people have left wonderful thoughts about InvestorBlogger.com and so I’d like to share them with you especially as my Google Rank has gone to zero.

BlueFur’s Blog writes: “Kenneth went from using the generic MistyLook WordPress template to a fully customized (and currently festive) theme. From layout to post quality, Kenneth has come a long way this year.”

Beyond the Rhetoric : “Kenneth lays out the scenario and then goes into enough detail that you have something to gain from reading it, while keeping them short enough that you don’t get lost (or bored) in the process. Kudos in that respect.”

Denise from BlogCarnival : ‚ÄúDear IB, Just wanted to let you know that we’ve chosen carnival of making real money to be our featured carnival on Thursday, January 3rd. You’ll see it splashed on our homepage all day. … We recently added featured carnivals to highlight and acknowledge carnivals we really like. Congratulations!”

Joe Kenny from Insure121 dot com : “I did enjoy both of them, in fact it was the first time that any blogger has reviewed my site and given their honest thoughts and suggestions. These reviews were more helpful than any others and I have already taken one on board with loan store and removed the loan offers from the side menu.”

Tim from his blog : “Did you write all those items on your InvestorBlogger blog? That’s some really terrific stuff there!”