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InvestorBlogger Dot Com is a blog focused on the niches of blogging, personal finances, technology, investing and business. For advertisers, these are some of the relevant stats:

  • Monthly Page Views: 900-1000
  • PR:  current ranking 3
  • Social Media Subscribers: 350 +/-10%
  • Categories: Finance, Internet & Blogging, Personal Finance, and Technology

(all information current as of December 7th, 2013.)

We offer three ways to advertise currently: banners, text slots, and reviews. Banners and links are currently presented on the primary channels through one placement. Reviews will be placed in the relevant channel. For a handy short list of what’s available currently, check the advertising page.

Check out the recent visitor stats on the left box, which tells you the current visitor demographics. There are no slots available at this point in time. Contact me directly if you are still interested in advertising opportunities.

Banners: Sidebar

‘125×125 images’ are offered in the inner sidebar next to the postings and appear in all pages. 3rd-party ads are offered in rotation in the empty slots. We currently offer 5 slots.

‘468×60 banners’ are not available currently.

Buy a Review: Buzz, Opinions, Full Reviews, or Guest Postings

So what’s the difference? Buzz postings tend to be shorter, livelier; Opinion Posts are more detailed and (of course) opinionated; Reviews are site/product/service-focused. All of these can be done in Guest Advertiser Mode. (For more details scroll down to ‘Detailed Descriptions’).

If you are interested in a review, take a look at the reviews on all sorts of products and services on this blog, including loans, credit cards sites, plugins, websites, etc. You can find some samples here and more here. The current pricing is based on the following:

Typical lengths could be 50 or 100 words or more. Typical types of posting might include a buzz (shorter), opinion (100 or 200 words) or a review (200 words or 300 words).

Each 50 word unit would be $12.50. Hence, 50 words $12.50; 100 words $25.00 and so on. There are no limits on the type of content, and I’ll include jpegs and screenshots. I would need to know the URL before I agree to do any posting, and payment would be upfront, via Paypal.

Don’t forget to mention aspects of any posting that you might like to include before your order is completed. It usually takes 3-5 working days to complete any particular task, though express orders are possible.

Buy A Review: More Detailed Descriptions

A Buzz Posting is a short posting that is written to draw attention to the advertiser. It will include a screenshot, and point out some of the unique features being offered.

Light-hearted, punchy and to the point, the Buzz Posting is designed to attract attention! It’s perfect for just launched sites, new products/services, and mini-press releases! Ideal length is less than 200 words, includes one (perhaps two) jpegs, and several links to different pages.

Opinion Posts are posts where the advertiser can purchase a full length opinion on an issue relevant to the advertiser or blogger (me!). Typical posts will be longer, sometimes much longer. The advertiser can include several links to their site, using keywords (recommended) or their site name. It is not a review of the product or service, though reference may be made.

Opinion posts are referred to the advertiser for approval prior to publication. Minimum lengths are typically 200 words or more, though the blogger doesn’t restrict length. Ideally, you should budget for 250-300 words.

Full or Mini- Reviews are indeed that. They offer a detailed assessment of your site from the external point of view of a user. They cover design, content, usability, multi-browser compatibility, and much more. Since the blogger is not familiar with the site, it’s possible to get real insight in to how visitors approach the site. Reviews can also cover non-web related products.

The Full Review offers praise and constructive feedback on the site itself. It would be wise to take these views into consideration when you are updating the website, as the blogger may revisit the site at some point in the future to see what has happened. Full Reviews are referred to the advertiser for prior consideration. Minimum lengths are typically 400 words or more, though I don’t restrict length.

Shorter mini-reviews are also possible, but they will not be as thorough. They will focus on several primary points, including positive and constructive ones. Mini-Reviews are ideally suited to 200 words in length, will contain some jpegs and links. They are not referred prior to publication.

Advertiser Guest Posts (the latest addition) are where I open the floor to advertisers to write in a style more appropriate to their own situation to bring attention to issues that matter to them. JPEGs, appropriate links, and other media can be incorporated as needed.

At no point or under any circumstance does InvestorBlogger encourage, condone or advise advertising partners to purchase links. InvestorBlogger suggests that advertisers consider the merits of driving traffic, exposure & branding when advertising here.