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Spam, Ham: What do you do with over 1000 of them in your comments queue?

After New Year, I came back to a huge glut of spam in my database! I hadn’t configured a standard plugin because I thought the blog would go relatively unnoticed! Boy! Was I wrong or what? The queue contained over 1000 spams, that didn’t include spam in my comment plugin either. So how do you deal with a… Read More »


Investorblogger welcomes bloggers and readers to register on this website and post comments and articles where appropriate. However, due to spam and spam postings, the owner of this blog reserves the right to approve or deny or delete ANY registration for ANY reason. InvestorBlogger reserves also the right not to inform the blogger or reader that this has… Read More »

Bloggers: You CAN fight back against Spam, splogs and IP theft!

Many bloggers out in the Blogosphere spend hours creating wonderful posts and building great traffic to their blogs. Indeed there are many websites out there that utilize the value of community to enhance bloggers traffic in any number of ways: Digg, Technorati, FaceBook… MyBlogLog. They aggregate your data, your feeds, your posts, on one ‘page’ and add links,… Read More »