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Asus Eee 1000 PC – Available and Affordable!

Oh, and what’s this I see? It’s the new Asus Eee PC 1000 running Windows XP SP2 (or 3?) in Chinese. It has an installed 80GB hard disk (not SSD) and seemed plenty quick even for my tastes. In fact, I tried the keyboard, too and found that it was quite pleasant to use. Priced at around NT$18,500,… Read More »

June 2008 – a reprise!

I’d like to have a review of this month’s posts. So I’ll post the best ones for you to check out… We had a lot of trouble in the middle of the month with server issues that resulted in fewer posts as I started shifting my sites and clients’ sites around: Anyway, enjoy the best of June, 2008… Read More »

Cool Stuff from Computex 2008: Video

After all the hoopla has died down, you can see some great stuff in this video that was featured on ERA News in Taiwan, including (drum roll!) Asus EBOX PC. I’ve been following this company’s products since the launch of their Asus EEE PC 700 in 2007. The breadth and innovation of the company’s products underlines the ambitions… Read More »

Upgrading vs. buying new: Bring a new lease of life to your PC experience

I remember buying my first portable pc by TwinHead. It was a 386 pc with about 16MB of RAM, and 80 MB hard disk. Yes, MB, not GB. Nowadays, I’m using two PCs (both of which are or were secondhand at one time) at home: one with 2 hard disks topping out at 160GB, 768MB of RAM; and… Read More »

2007 IT Month Show in Taipei: People, Products, and Pi-zzaz!

It’s NOT Computex, there’s no John Chow… and there are no freebies for you guys! (This time!…) Today was the last day for the 2007 IT Month Show in Taipei, and I went along to see what was going on, to do a little ‘bargain’ shopping and get some snaps of some cool devices… Unfortunately, most of Taipei… Read More »

Sunday Newsbytes: EeePC, BlogDesk, and good food!

It’s morning time in the US, late evening in Taiwan. A Delicious Meal: Needn’t be Expensive to be Delicious We really didn’t do much today, but we had a lovely dinner last night at one of our favorite restaurants Dante’s (not the coffeeshop by that name), located on the campus of the National Taipei University of the Arts… Read More »

Eee: Economical, Easy, and … Wait till you want one!

The Eee PC701 is coming, and coming soon. More details are now avaible for this machine, though you can see my original post here. Eee PC 701 [EeeUser Wiki Home] says of the machine: The ASUS Eee PC 701 (manufacturer product page) is an upcoming ultraportable notebook computer with an estimated starting price of $199 USD.1) It was… Read More »