Something odd happened on Alexa… What does it mean?

I just noted that I don’t have a traffic rank for 3-months on Alexa at the moment, but I recorded a daily traffic rank:
Yesterday 1 wk. Avg. 3 mos. Avg. 3 mos. Change
78,860 110,773 — up 2,465,450

This is the first time I ever recorded a daily stat. I’m very puzzled why. It’s still stated at the top of the page (740,860). Perhaps Alexa is updating its stats as we speak.

edited: I checked Alexa again, and it seems that my top line score is unchanged at the moment, but I have moved under 100,000 ranking for the first time. Other top websites no longer have 3 months’ ranking, just daily and weekly. That’s what my website has right now.

While there are many criticisms of Alexa, and how it can be manipulated, in the absence of any other 3rd-party reasonable medium for monitoring and reporting website success, I’ll stick with Alexa, Technorati and Google right now. I haven’t tried to manipulate Alexa at all, even though there are ways to do that. I’d prefer to just blog and promote the ‘old-fashioned’ way. It’s more fun!

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2 thoughts on “Something odd happened on Alexa… What does it mean?

  1. Nice


    Did anyone notice that Alexa is not updating the ranks for so many days, ? my website has been in top 100,000 rather frequently now and it seems like alexa have stopped updating it and many other sites that ih ave seen. last update was on may 19th, 2008 and today is 1st june. how often do they update, previously i noticed an update every week.

    any idea?

  2. InvestorBlogger Post author

    Yes, I’ve noticed a lot. I used to get updated every four days or so, now it’s like every week or more… Of course my ranking dropped severely … the farther away from 100K the less your site is updated, I guess.


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