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Geocities, what ever happened, my friend?

There are many webmasters, site hosts, and IM affiliates who started their first sites on Geocities. For those who came later, Geocities was AS popular in the late 90’s as FaceBook is now! And for many of us, it’s where we cut our teeth with our garish late 90’s site design, HTML and guestbooks! I mean: who uses… Read More »

Emusic: Just another money grab – or why the Big 4 are doomed to poor profits for years to come

This is an open challenge to Emusic, and the other members of the ‘traditional’ music industry. Emusic’s legendary deals, great choice and open ideals are now seriously under threat by their management, the record labels and their lawyers. For many people, this may not be particularly important but in reality it represents a major shift away from their… Read More »

Google Tip of the Day: Submit your content to Google, and more…

I was pleased to see that Google made it really easy for webmasters to submit their content to Google’s Engines of Search. The page details almost every content-related site within Google that I can think of and is a valuable reference for would-be webmasters. So if you are looking to get your website in Google’s search engine, you… Read More »

33rd Carnival of Making REAL Money – July 2009

This is the 33rd edition of the Carnival of Making Money Online. I’m delighted to offer this limited list of top quality articles that are vetted from the original list of submissions. It’s always a pleasure to read through these submissions. So enjoy, and thrive in summer 2009~! It seems my reputation is getting around! I screen posts… Read More »

The Italian Job: Why would you transport US$134.5 billion dollars in your briefcase?

Something is not right. The story is amazing, the kind of thing you might see in a movie or work of fiction. Italian financial police uncovered a briefcase literally stashed with bonds and papers worth US$134.5 billion dollars that was being transported by two ‘Japanese’ agents from Italy to Switzerland. And the US media is not covering it… Read More »

Tienmou Saturday Arts & Crafts Market

Tienmou Saturday Arts & Crafts Market, originally uploaded by obblogatory. One of the stalls at the Saturday Market in Tienmou. It’s pretty hot in the afternoon, but things get a little livelier near dusk and in the early part of the evenings. There are two parts to the market: a general arts and crafts stall with lots of… Read More »

Is there a Conspiracy of the Rich? Robert Kiyosaki seems to know the buzzwords, at least

For those of you who are interested in the Rich Dad Series, you can visit the Conspiracy of the Rich to read the latest book from the author. I’ve pasted a sample in this jpg. But to read the full chapter you need to become a member of the site where you can read, consider and discuss what’s… Read More »

Blast from the past: The missing files…!

After doing the volte-face about WPMU, I remerged the entire blogs I had set up back into this one. However, for some weird reason a number of critical posts went missing. I still have no idea why. And I nearly lost some great posts for ever when I removed the Database, too. Still all was saved by Dreamhost… Read More »

So they still want their bonuses…!

AIG Congressional Hearing: “They Were Getting Manicures… While American People Were Footing The Bill”, originally uploaded by Barrybar. AIG will still pay nearly US$170 million into bonuses. “(Liddy) told Geithner that some bonus payments are binding legal obligations of the company, and “there are serious legal, as well as business consequences for not paying.” In wonder how much… Read More »