Are your posts being eaten by WordPress?

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Is the latest version of WordPress eating posts or not?

This is the second time I’ve had to write this post. I posted a stub just a little while ago, and it’s gone. Since this is the second time I had a problem with a post in the last week, I’m beginning to think there’s a serious bug in WordPress 2.5 that eats posts that are just published.

I recently posted a long article on WordPress that I had reason to edit after the posting. When I went to find the article (I had seen it on the front page), I hit ‘Save’ only to find the article gone when I came to view the front page. I then received an error message when I tried to edit the post again. Luckily, the post was already archived on BlogLines so I was able to paste the entire contents in, bar a few minor edits, though it did not show up in Reader.

So for the meantime, I’ll be writing posts on other media then uploading them or pasting them. Have you had any experience of this? Could it be my fervent imagination? Let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Are your posts being eaten by WordPress?

  1. Diana

    I’ve hesitated updating my WordPress blog, now I know why. Why are there always bugs on new versions that dont’ get ironed out before they release them to the general pop?
    I’ve done my fair share of writing and rewriting and since I write a lot off-the-cuff its difficult to relive the thought behind each word…again.
    I’ll continue to wait a bit longer now and hope that by the time I update mine, WP will have found an exterminator for the bugs.

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