Warren Buffett: What’s your email address?

I’ve been asked this interesting question: “If you could get hold of one email address, whose would it be and what would you send them a message about?”

If I could get hold of one email address, I’d like to get Warren Buffett’s. As an investor, you have to admire his tremendous investing and management style, not to mention his huge record of returns for Berkshire-Hathaway since he took over nearly 40 years ago.

WikiPedia writes of his approach as:

  1. Generals: undervalued securities that possess margin of safety and meet expected return-to-risk characteristics
  2. Arbitrages: company events that are not related to broader market changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, liquidation, etc.
  3. Controls: build sizeable holdings, ally with other shareholders or employ proxies to effect changes in companies

So if I could email him, I’d interview him about the above. I’d be interested to look at the way he does research into these three aspects. A large part of his style of investing is his ability to see value where the general investor does not, so I’d be inclined to ask him how he finds such value, how he manages his team of managers, and what his defnition of ‘margin of safety’ is.

Perhaps his most notable aspect of his success must be: The key to successful management has to be knowing what you can do, as well as what you can’t. For example, email marketing and the whole internet thing is an area of business that he himself has avoided. However, even if he didn’t have much clue about it, I’m sure that he’d employ others who did. As such, he really stays out of day to day management, preferring the original owners, management and staff at the companies he buys to stay in place.

Whose email address would you like? Why? I’m going to tag another blog, and see their answer… My chosen blog: JohnChow‘s.

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