Virtualization: Coming to a PC or USB near you!

By | March 10, 2007

I just noted the story about running a virtual PC on your USB. After I read about that guy who had a huge PC system and how he ran virtualized servers, I became intrigued even more. I have been following virtual computing for a while. I have experimented with it on several occasions, too, on a PC running DSL Linux, ReactOS, etc., out of curiousity.

Running a PC on a stick would be highly convenient for most people, though I still think it doesn’t beat owning a laptop! You would be able to take not only your data with you but also your operating systems. Then plug into any base system, boot up and voila! your own system alive and well.

If you chose to use a Linux based OS on your stick, you can reduce your exposure to all the viruses and spyware out there. Intriguing!

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