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How DID being dependent on GOOGLE change our blogging?

So How DID being dependent on GOOGLE change our blogging? I’ve been pondering this for a few days, and while many of us were reluctant to give into Google’s demands on ‘no_follow’, while they could wave the PR stick over our heads, we were all of us giving into their requirements in many ways. Once you think about it, it is quite shocking:

Commenting: How to get some fame (or notoriety!)

I just wanted to thank John Chow! I got a lot of extra publicity from him through his comments, links, and the occasional post. It’s great! He really is kind fellow… Anyway, one of the advantages of living in a different time zone is his Recent Comments Plugin, that allows things like this: It won’t last long, but… Read More »

Five Ways to Break YOUR dependence on Google

After the break up, life’s always a little difficult. You come across all sorts of things that unexpectedly remind you of happier times: the photograph, the T-shirt, the present you were given, … When you find these ‘trophies’, several reactions race through your mind: fond remembrance, anger, disappointment, … etc.. This is what happens when break-ups occur. So… Read More »

Adsense: How to cancel your account, and get your money back

Many bloggers are so disillusioned with the changes in PR ranking and the changes in Adsense. To recap briefly, Google has felled many kinds of blogs PR rankings and Adsense changes are meaning that (in the short term) income is likely to go down even further. Many bloggers are now planning a boycott of Google, including me. The… Read More »

October’s Income on InvestorBlogger

The last three or four months have experienced a number of milestones in InvestorBlogger’s rise. Today, I’d like to report on a new milestone that IB reached today: $6,000. Less than two months after passing the $5,000 mark, we’ve reached $6,000. I have already updated the sidebar with the new amount and the average per month, too. Financial… Read More »