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Tuesday’s Drop: Is it just China’s bubble? Or is it America’s too?

It’s been three days since Tuesday’s large point drop, and the markets haven’t really recovered yet. Should we be concerned? This is just a personal opinion: but I’m not concerned at all. Why? The markets have risen steadily for months without a correction. In fact, many people believe that a correction was coming anyway. I’m not speculating in… Read More »

Stockwire.com: A myspace for investors – or just plain ol’good?

I recently registered for a Microcap website called stockwire.com with the long appellate The MySpace for the Penny Stock investor! So it’s kind of a mouthful! Registration was a real bliss. At first I thought there was going to be an annoying video ad, but the ad/commentary/registration was wonderfully simple and effective. Stockwire.com is a Penny Stock website… Read More »