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Time for a change: 2 Blogs OUT who’s in?

Well, it’s time for the regular update to the Top-20 Money Making Blogs List. And there are two candidates for removal. Unfortunately, Tim Schroeder’s Emonitized which was recently added stop publishing just a few weeks later.  Blog focuses on affiliate marketing, blogging, and much more. He’s got a lot of great posts about this and I’ll hopefully be… Read More »

Video: Cramer – Don’t risk your assets in this market!

On October 6th, Cramer made that prediction about stocks dropping 20% when stocks traded between 10,322.52 and 9,503.10. Right now the market is trading at 8100, so we’re down between 20% from that point on October 6th. There could be another 500 points to go though! Are we nearing a bottom? Volume is up, too, significantly, too… Don’t… Read More »

September 2008 Income Statements

In previous issues of InvestorBlogger Dot Com, I published a combined income statement across all of my ‘businesses’. With the new channels, this became a little confusing as I wasn’t sure where to place certain categories of income. From this month, I’ll be publishing separate accounts for each type of income. Also, I promised that I would work… Read More »

Are you selling your blog? I’m interested…

I’m looking to buy a blog (or blogs) with content and some traffic. The suggested blog focus is similar to one of my existing themes categories or topics, I may be interested: First does your blog meet these requirements? #1 Must be self-hosted and running some version of WordPress (not WordPress.com) #2 Must be unique posts (ie. not… Read More »