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Friday Video: Coming to America

Neil Diamond’s Coming To America It seems somehow apropos in this Credit Crunch scenario, but it has a very hopeful tempo and upbeat sentiment! From Wikipedia’s article. “America” (also known as “They’re Coming To America” or “Coming To America”) is the name of a patriotic song written and originally recorded by Neil Diamond, released in 1980 as part… Read More »

Apologies: WP update – updating to Version 2.7

Apologies to all, but we’re updating the server. The WP-MU officially ended, and we’ve migrated back to WordPress. In the meantime, we’re redoing the overall design of the site over the next few days, so we’re hoping to have a new theme soon. Also, we had some ‘problems’ when we initially upgraded: including missing images, a bunch of… Read More »

I was staggered but…

I haven’t updated my online income in a long time. In fact, it’s sat on my sidebar for ages showing just under US$12,000. Well, last night I decided to do a conservative estimate of the income since September: it’s now a tad under US$16,000. And the pace of income is now picking up somewhat in the past 12… Read More »

Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.7?

Watch this video about WordPress 2.7. I did upgrade one blog, but discovered a couple of problems with the new version. the DashBoard link at the top just doesn’t always link back to the homepage. There is a solution, but it’s a bit geeky. And the Dashboard sidebar just disappeared. Some plugins are doing this. Lighter Menus v.2.7.1… Read More »

EeeBlogger and DollarTraveler Dot Com: New Beginnings

Well, it is time to kick start things on one of my new blogs, at least! I’ve been working on building some supplemental sites on my blogging network. And the first fruits are already ripening on the branches. EeeBlogger Dot Com EeeBlogger is a site that breaks with BloggingTravails but will aim to produce one and ONLY one… Read More »