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So they still want their bonuses…!

  AIG will still pay nearly US$170 million into bonuses. “(Liddy) told Geithner that some bonus payments are binding legal obligations of the company, and “there are serious legal, as well as business consequences for not paying.” In wonder how much the staff would have got if the company had declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Since the govt. bailed… Read More »

Book of the Weekend: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

This is the book I bought at the weekend. It’s an interesting read and Gladwell makes his argument clearly: “Examining the lives of outliers from Mozart to Bill Gates, he builds a convincing case for how successful people rise on a tide of advantages, “some deserved, some not, some earned, some just plain lucky”.” Check out the review… Read More »

Video: What happens when your bank collapses?

In the 1980’s many S&L banks collapsed. It seems that things are now being repeated with an increasing number this year. The CBS TV show, 60 minutes, highlights what happens when a FDIC takeover is on the cards. Enjoy the video. I never knew what it happens. It’s fascinating. Video courtesy of Bargaineering.

Daily Show Makes Fun of CNBC

  The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c CNBC Gives Financial Advice Daily Show Full Episodes Important Things With Demetri Martin Political Humor Joke of the Day Seen on MyMoneyBlog.

Where can you find InvestorBlogger? Why don’t you?

Wanna Be My Friend? I’ve been working on extending my social networks and I’d like to invite you to join me on some of these discussion groups, web2.0 properties and more so… Facebook StumbleUpon YouTube Twitter Flickr WarriorForum Forumosa Do drop by! Let me find you! I will be extending this list as I recall which ones I… Read More »

Domains for Sale: Focusing on Core Blogs

With my websites mostly back online, I’m finding that it’s tough to have time to manage all of my blogs, so I think it’s time to sell. That’s right. I’m now selling my domains. To see what’s for sale. You can visit the summary of details here. I will take offers, but unless there’s a good reason, I… Read More »