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What advertising works on this blog?

I’ve been updating my own advertising blocks recently with a variety of different means. I’d like to present a short summary of my impressions of what advertising works or doesn’t (this is third party advertising not advertising sold directly through my own page). Here are some notes. I’ve accorded each a status out of five points to help… Read More »

Izea: It could still be a good Idea!

In today’s email, Gordon from Customer Love at Payperpost ‘reached out’ to me with the following email: Hi Kenneth, I recently read your blog post titled, “payperpost and socialspark: is it time to give up posting for pennies?” I wanted to reach out to you to see if you could elaborate on your problems/concerns. In particular, regarding your… Read More »

Cash Low? Play CashFlow 101 and learn why

Is anyone here a fan of CashFlow 101? Did you ever play the game before? I’ve been a keen player of the game for some time now. I’ve even introduced to some of my students over the years, even the younger ones enjoyed playing the game. What is CashFlow 101? Cashflow 101 is an educational board game designed… Read More »