Splogging is STEALING… Stop STEALING our blogs…

Gentle readers, please do not be alarmed! Reading this post in your RSS reader is quite okay! Many of you have your own blogs, and work hard at writing them. I spend a lot of time, and just occasionally I enjoy the fruits of my labor. But today, I noticed that one website was reposting my content in its entirety without any permission. I’m seriously pissed…

Splogging is STEALING – Photo***.com is STEALING my content!

Whatever the reason, I noticed two incoming links in my WordPress this evening, and, out of curiosity, I checked them. This is what I found. You can check the link to the blog yourself.

stealing my content

Anyone recognise the top of the post… It’s one I just posted a few minutes ago! Hmm. So I checked through his archives, and was stunned to find that he has posted quite a few of my posts IN THEIR ENTIRETY…

It seems that the webmaster of Photo***.com/blog is SPLOGGING my blog, and not just my blog, but several others as well. He writes: “I Will try to keep you updated with the latest internet marketing and business news.” Not if I can help it.

Who can say SPLOG?

This guy is literally stealing my content, and reposting it on his blog WITHOUT any attribution, recognition or even polite request. Worse is, there’s no contact address, no way to politely request this guy to STOP or ask him to repost SUMMARIES only.

I know some bloggers are quite happy with this, as it brings extra traffic, extra interest, and extends your influence. But this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone gratuitously repost my content without a so much as ‘may I…?’.

What would you do?

I have three courses of action open to me this moment… I’m going to look at all of them.

  • 1. Slip the feed to summaries only: which would work but would be inconvenient for my readers. (My current choice of action, I’m afraid!).s
  • 2. Remove FeedBurner entirely. Although my subscriber isn’t great, I don’t think it would matter that much. I’d have to contact my subscribers to let them know, though.
  • 3. Rename my feed, and republish it.
  • 4. Accept, publish a ton of links in each header to my blog, and drive traffic to my blog (that would be delightfully evil!).

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Addendum: This issue has been successfully resolved thanks to the intervention of the Blogger himself. Please read the follow-up post.