Supplementals Hell: Are things improving?

Well, I’ve been using a little Firefox Plugin to monitor my website’s page health after installing a wonderful SEO plugin called SEO_Wordpress. The results are encouraging to say the least: the number of pages actually indexed by Google has fallen by 50% as has the number of supplemental entries. Also, the proportion of pages indexed by the supplementals… Read More »

Supplemental Savior: SEO-WordPress plugin rescues you from Hell!

I was contacted by Elizabeth from who told me about this great plugin called SEO_Wordpress which you can download from which should help a great deal with the problems I was discussing in the SOS series here. There sure to be a lot of other good stuff, but this is the best news I’ve had in… Read More »

Supplemental Hell: SOS!

For many bloggers, having your pages go down the tubes to the supplementals can be a bit of a disaster. I recently found out that over 52% of my pages were hiding their, most of them including full posts and stuff that was absolutely great for Google. But nope! Now it’s around 48%! So I have started taking… Read More »

EeeBlogger and DollarTraveler Dot Com: New Beginnings

Well, it is time to kick start things on one of my new blogs, at least! I’ve been working on building some supplemental sites on my blogging network. And the first fruits are already ripening on the branches. EeeBlogger Dot Com EeeBlogger is a site that breaks with BloggingTravails but will aim to produce one and ONLY one… Read More »

Saving Money: You can save money by cutting energy use!

Today we received our first electricity bill of the summer! And we got a shock! It was much….. SMALLER … than we had expected originally. We saved about NT$1700 on our bills vs. the same period last year… And we really didn’t do that much yet. But if we focus, we could save about 15%~20% of our annual… Read More »

2007 July Results – Nothing to write home about

Well, July’s results are in and they aren’t impressive at all, except in one important respect. Details first. By comparison even with June’s results, July’s results are an apparent disappointment, but that is for one reason more than any other. Payperpost: $34.00 Google : $8.40 SR/ReviewME/Other : $0.00 Adlinks : $67.56 Stocks: $106.96 Hosting : $0.00 Bank A/C… Read More »