Portable Applications: Easy, Affordable and Portable

What more can you want from a USB key? I had been talking about Portable Apps, esp. my Cruzer, to a friend recently, whose birthday is approaching. So rather than just hot air, I bought him a little present: a Verbatim 4GB USB key with nothing installed. It’s a Verbatim 4GB USB Memory Card. The USB key as… Read More »

SanDisk Cruzer: 4GB and U3

On a trip to Costco, I came across a really good deal for a SanDisk Cruzer® Micro 4GB. I have always been using two or sometimes three computers, so my data was always on the wrong computer. I am already a PortableApps user, so switching to U3 was easy. I’ve linked directly to the item on SanDisk’s page… Read More »

TheOpenCD: making it easy to find the best opensource software

There is so much opensource software available these days that you can pretty much find an equivalent product to something from Microsoft or another major software company. The problem is that it is difficult to find the software. Some of the databases and websites list hundreds, even thousands of projects. So how do you find opensource software without… Read More »