What should you do when you strike it rich? – 7 ways to benefit from windfalls, bonuses, and other ‘found’ money!

Tonight’s episode of Seinfeld was a rerun from the mid-90s when Jerry receives a large check (so large that Kramer is surprised) for his performance . It’s only part one of a two-parter. But it got me wondering about what most people do when they receive a windfall. Management of your new found resources can be a problem;… Read More »

Blog Design Update: Baby steps…

Thanks to Michael Kwan’s review, I was able to get some excellent feedback on my overall layout of the blog, to which I’ve already left some comments! I’d like to check back every so often, to detail my progress. He suggested the following points: * Lose the Related Posts on the index page…. Gone. * Too many categories…… Read More »

Charity: The Giving Hands website and blog

TheGivingHands.org is a website created by a fellow blogger called Pelf. I promised I would do a quick buzz for this website, since it’s in aid of charity. I enjoy supporting Kiva.org as you all know. But I’d appreciate it if you would check out TheGivingHands. A quick look at the charity category will provide you with an… Read More »

May 2007: Consistent and Improving…

I already posted my May stats and they are substantially correct as of June 1st, with one notable exception: I finally crossed the 100K Technorati ranking! For that, I’d like to thank especially the supporters of my various competitions and activities! I’m looking forward to running even more! Anyway May income results are in: Payperpost: $119.50 Google :… Read More »

Throwing Down the Gauntlet!

This joust is being handled in fun! But still, a well-known website recently rejected my overture to advertise my Kiva Competition! Oh, well, I sighed. But then the blogger threw down a gauntlet by saying the following: “Unfortunately I will have to decline since I think the blogs aren’t exactly evenly weighted in terms of traffic, PR, RSS… Read More »