Newsbytes: Blog Announcement, WordPress Problems, Money Manager Ex, and Goog Stock Price

Well, this Tuesday’s newbytes brings updates on the latest ongoings on InvestorBlogger dot com. But first some recent stories that you may have missed: Panasonic, Prada and Perspectives: Change isn’t that hard, is it? E-commerce: Why are some sites so unfriendly to customers? Carnival of Making Real Money 9th Edition – January 20th, 2008 Is Alexa a REALRANK?… Read More »

TheOpenCD: making it easy to find the best opensource software

There is so much opensource software available these days that you can pretty much find an equivalent product to something from Microsoft or another major software company. The problem is that it is difficult to find the software. Some of the databases and websites list hundreds, even thousands of projects. So how do you find opensource software without… Read More »

I’m Now Testing BlogJet: Blogging Tools

After my full review of BlogDesk’s software, I decided to try out another tool called Blogjet, to compare as it were. I would like to have a tool that can handle Chinese properly, including managing posts and posting to the blog, since I hate logging in manually for posting! So, to this end, I have installed an alternate… Read More »

Firefox Add-ons: You have HOW many!?

For those of you who use Firefox in any of the recent incarnations, you’ll be quite happy to discover there are hundreds of ‘add-ons’ that you can use for your installation. I have repeatedly reinstalled my add-ons as I’ve changed pcs over the last few months, but I can never remember all of the adds that I have… Read More »

April 2007: Highlights and Top Posts

This post includes the top ten posts and some highlights from April. Feel free to click around. Last 30 Days 18% Lurid Ads on TLA: Change your options! 13% Buzz: More than Pocket Change 12% Tithing: A duty to God or a tax on idiots? 11% Should you waste your time? 11% Adding WP_Optimal Title Plugin 10%… Read More »

Weekend Reading: Top Posts Viewed by Page and Last 30 Days

91 Dreamhost: Media Tools – for your own Blog! 86 Savings Story: Building Capital 83 In Sex and Blogging: is Frequency, Length, or Regularity important? 81 Cleaning Up My Blogs: Resolutions Come Early! Progress Report #1 77 Neat Simple Dashboard 74 Blogging Software: BlogDesk 74 My Blog Stats – *updated* March 18th, 2007 73 DELL and YHOO: I… Read More »