PR Update: Coming soon!

I just read a report called “PageRank Anyone? Yes Please! | John Cow dot Com” that notes that PR updates are just around the corner.

It’s that time of the season again. Bloggers and webmasters will be all over the DigPageRank site for the next week or so. Someone on the Digital Point forums wrote that he saw one of his sites went up to a PR7 last night so this means Google is busy doing the dreaded pagerank updates currently.

Of course, it’s difficult to tell if anything’s really going on right now, but checking future page ranks is a sport for the prophets or for the clairvoyant. Most of the tools I have used either tell me what I already know, or tell me something that proved not true last time! The only way to know if your site PR is changing is to find a tool that queries multiple data centers, then see if any of the data centers are reporting a different value from the current one. That might be indicative, though final PR won’t be known for a few weeks. A simple visit to, that should be fine to find out if things are changing for your website. Currently, you can view 67 data centers on the left side after you enter your website address.

Let me know if anything is happening to your website!

Update: Kat provided me a great link to that I checked several times. It seems to indicate something is now happening, as two of the centers are recording 0’s for all of the links I tried. That suggests that an update is now beginning, but I could be wrong. Thanks, Kat. Keep upto date on the discussion by following this link.