PayU2Blog: a good alternative to PPP and Text-Link-Ads?

By | February 16, 2007

I was quite flattered when someone approached me about writing for their blogging system, only to realize it wasn’t a blogging system, but a text-link type system later on.

Good evening Kenneth,

I see that you do some client promotion on your blog. Do you have any
more time for additional assignments? We have a lot of clients who can
use your writing skills.

Visit our site for more information and contact me if
you have an interest in getting started.

Best Regards,


So, I wrote back to enquire about their website, thinking it might be like Payperpost, ReviewME or some such. But this is what I found.

Receiving Assignments:

We have a few additional requirements in order to receive assignments
that you are paid for.

1.You HAVE to AGREE to Link to (within your articles) any assigned
subject. This is a requirement. If your blog has a standard theme and
you do not want to include posts with links to other topics, then I’m
sorry, our projects are not for you. You can link creatively but the
links need to be there in order to be paid. …

Actually, this could be quite an interesting proposition for some bloggers who have general blogs, or blogs that cover a range of topics. I decided, for this blog, that it wasn’t for me because I couldn’t choose my subjects, I didn’t want to end up posting about inappropriate things on this blog and/or linking to inappropriate websites. Would you guys and gals want to read about return address labels, painting costs, etc. on this blog?

Check out this guy’s website, it might be worth it for you, though.

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