Excerpt_Reloaded: Changing your archives pages!

Many of us have had problems with Google sending 50% or more of our pages to Supplementals. My own situation has improved a great deal, but it’s far from perfect. I’ve tried an SEO plugin I found, but it hasn’t helped as much as I’d have liked. One of the the changes I have tried is creating original… Read More »

SOS Series: some feedback!

For weird reasons, the following long comment wasn’t posted successfully. Hence I’m reposting this comment as a post. I think it’s really worth reading, I’m not sure if I agree with everything in it (I’m not exactly an expert!), but here it is anyway. It was written by Elizabeth Adams in response to a posting indicated below. I’d… Read More »

SOS: Assess the damage!

Step one in my short series about getting out of supplemental hell. First step, I found out how many pages were actually hidden there. I found originally that it was over 52% of my pages. And the more I published, the more I found there. I have done comparisons with other blogs, and many have had similar results,… Read More »