March 2007 Results

Well, everyone in PF blog world is announcing their results and crowing about how they make money on the Internet. I do like John Chow’s graph this month. I however, don’t have a graph yet; in fact, my income categories keep changing. Anyway, after February’s results, $705.39, March looks a lot less exciting. Cash Stats $587.82 Payperpost $150.00… Read More »

PPP: Adding Juice to their system

Ted Murphy, owner of Payperpost, has just emailed advertising clients with an update on the changes that segmentation in PPP has brought. Apparently, advertisers were unhappy with the increase in costs that segmentation brought them. So InvestorBlogger asks the obvious question: Are things going well in PPP-Land? Anyway, for advertisers, PPP is now offering lower cost opportunities. The… Read More »

Bloggers: Can you make some money?

Many bloggers are now taking part in the exploding paid for blogging ad market, and many marketing companies have grown up in the last year or so expressly to take advantage of this market. There’s ReviewME, Payperpost, Blogitive, Blogsvertise, and more recently Loudlaunch. On this blog, we will do a full review of each of them soon, and… Read More »