ReviewME vs. PPP: Good potential, different markets

With the advent of paid blogging, several websites now are quite prominent in the field. I recently signed up with ReviewMe and have been invited to give a review of the website. Payperpost’s model for bloggers has been to create a market for the bloggers of offers from advertisers. Certain guidelines are required by advertisers, such as word… Read More »

Writely is now available…

Google has now let people with gmail accounts log in! It’s good news, I’m already experimenting with the files, and trying some simpler stuff! It’s kind of powerful, and somewhat easier to use than some of the other offerings that are currently available online. I’ve included a screenshot to show stuff I’m working on, but I think that… Read More »

Step #1: Maximising Your Interest Income

Step One: I was going through my box of accounts for the home, and I was surprised just how many useless bank accounts my wife and I had. Here, every employer seems to require a different bank account to pay salaries. This is fine, if you are still working there, but it’s lousy if: 1. the bank is… Read More »

Blog Your Way to $$$

You should try Payperpost as a way to raise money for your blogging expenses! It costs a lot of money to blog, why not find a useful way to earn a little more through actually writing! It’s got to be a more fun way to make money than the daily grind! Well, I’m trying this website as a… Read More »

Personal Accounts Software: Acemoney

I have been using AceMoney for keeping my home accounts and my business accounts for the past few months. I’m going to write about my limited experiences with this software. I did think about trying more ambitious software to do this, but I shyed away from MSN Money and Quickbooks. I’ve tried a bunch of other stuff, too,… Read More »

prognostications of journalists + tax brakes?

reposted from my other blog! prognostications of journalists + tax brakes? Does anyone think that it’s a good idea to follow the prognostications of journalists and their interpretations of what’s going on in the U.S. Economy? I sold my Dow stocks yesterday. I doubt we’ll see a new high point this year. This is a secular bear market… Read More » great website for webmasters with lots of forums and postings on how to make your website successful. Their BLURB:Welcome to, an active community of domain name owners, investors, buyers, and sellers of all kinds. You can join over 32,000 domain name owners from around the world and discuss anything about domain names and website development! To… Read More »